Per Day Salary of ISHQBAAZ Actors 2017

Per Day Salary of ISHQBAAZ Actors 2017
Per Day Salary of ISHQBAAZ Actors 2017
Main cast.........................
Nakuul Mehta as Shivaay Singh Oberoi / Mahi (double role)
Surbhi Chandna as Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Recurring cast
Kunal Jaisingh as Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra and Priyanka's elder brother, Shivaay's cousin,Soumya's rakhi brother and Gauri's husband (2016-)
Leenesh Mattoo as Rudra Singh Oberoi, Omkara's younger brother and Priyanka's elder brother, Shivaay's cousin, and Saumya's husband (2016-)
Shrenu Parikh as Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi, Omkara's wife
Nehalaxmi Iyer as Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi, Kalyani's Friend's Granddaughter, Rudra's wife (2016-)
Subha Rajput as Priyanka Singh Oberoi, Omkara and Rudra's sister, Shivaay's Cousin, Annika's Friend, Ranveer's ex-fianceé (2016-)
Ayush Anand as ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa, Kamini's nephew, Daksh's nephew, Priyanka's Ex-Fianceé [10] (2016-)
Mahesh Thakur as Tej Singh Oberoi, Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka's father, Saumya and Gauri's father-in-law (2016-)
Mreenal Deshraj as Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi, Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka's mother, Saumya and Gauri's mother-in-law (2016-)
Siraj Mustafa Khan as Shakti Singh Oberoi, Shivaay's father, Annika's father-in-law (2016-)
Nikita Anand as Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi, Shivaay's mother, Annika's mother-in-law (2016-)
Navnindra Behl as Kalyani Prithviraj Singh Oberoi, Tej, Shakti and Roop's mother, the matriarch of Oberoi family (2016-)
Amrapali Gupta as Kamini Khurana Singh Randhawa, Ranveer's Aunt, Daksh's Sister, Priyanka's Mother in Law (2017-)
Karan Khanna as Daksh Khurana, Shivaay's childhood friend, Annika' ex-fianceé (Jailed) [11] Ranveer's Uncle, Kamini's Brother (2016;2017-)
Sushmita Mukherjee as Dolly Singh Oberoi, Kalyani's sister-in-law, Tej, Shakti and Roop's aunt (2017-)
Reyhna Malhotra as Svetlana Kapoor, Tia's elder sister, Tej's secretary and mistress, Omkara's fianceé, Fake Swetlana, Oberois' enemy (2016-)
Aryan Prajapati as Sahil, Anika's adopted younger brother (2016-)
Anjali Mukhi as Nayantara, Annika's mother (2017-)
Naman Mukul as Mr. Khanna, Oberoi's security guard.
The story is about the lives of a rich business family in Mumbai, the Oberoi family who face difficult and challenging situations from time to time. Kalyani Oberoi is the matriarch of the family who resides in Oberoi mansion with her two sons and their family. The elder brother Tej has a wife, Jhanvi who has a drinking addiction because of Tej's illicit affair with his secretary, Svetlana. Tej and Jhanvi have three children. Their elder son is Omkara, a sculptor and a self made billionaire who also has a history of drug use. He is an understanding person and hates his father. He was also involved a relationship with a girl named Riddhima but broke up with her later on. Tej and Jhanvi's second child, Rudra, is a flirtatious guy and a playboy who is a fitness freak and loves partying and women, however, he does not believe in the concept of marriage. He is very friendly in nature. They also have a daughter, Priyanka whom everyone calls 'Prinku'. She is a quiet and simple girl who gets nervous really easily because of her social anxiety disorder but gets involved with her opposite; the brash ACP Ranveer. Tej has a younger brother, Shakti who is married to Pinky. They have one son, Shivaay, who is the eldest son and the face of the Oberoi's industry. He is a business tycoon with a strict personality that matches his uncle, Tej. He is arrogant, snobbish and judges people on the basis of their lineage and social status, rather than their personality or work. He does not believe in love but got engaged to Tia Kapoor because of her high class and status. Shivaay has a sense of loyalty towards his family name. Both, Tej and Pinky, want their respective sons to inherit the business and thus end up fighting each other. Even after everything the three cousins share an unusually strong bond with each other.

Shivaay comes across a middle-class girl, Annika who manages a catering business to support Sahil, her young adoptive brother, who needs crutches to walk. Sahil and Annika have a fat, evil aunt Sundari who cares about nothing but money. Shivay and Annika are always engaged in cat fights because of their differences in opinions and class. Annika is called up by Dadi to be wedding planner of Shivaay's marriage with his fiancé, Tia and therefore stays at the Oberoi's mansion all through the day. In a series of events Annika and Shivaay keep fighting but helping each other, especially Annika saving the Oberoi family members from several attacks by enemies and Hence starts their passionate often tumultuous love story.

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